September 13, 2020

Jesus – A Different Kind of King

Passage: Matthew 12:15-21

American author Henry David Thoreau scoffed at "sniveling compassion". He argued that "compassion is a very untenable ground" for a lifestyle, and that we forfeit our one chance for rich and vibrant experience if we spend our days “suffering with all sufferers, feeling compassion for all victims in the world.” 

Thankfully, the Lord Jesus did not share that sentiment even one bit when he walked on this earth, and he does not share it even now. He was and continues to be the model of what compassion really is all about. Not only did he suffer with all sufferers, but he suffered the most and yet endured it all without any resentment. 

Unlike the movers and shakers of the world, this passage in Matthew clearly shows us that Jesus is truly a different kind of King. Find out more in this sermon.

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