Sunday Worship Time

10:30 AM
Location: Holiday Inn, 1855 Huron Church Road, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N9C 2L6
Phone: 519-919-2063

About Us

Grace Bible Church exists to help people love God and love others by bringing the good news concerning Jesus Christ. We believe the truths taught in the Bible are relevant and authoritative for all generations. We also believe that Scriptures when rightly interpreted and applied is sufficient for all issues concerning this present life and the life to come. Please feel free to explore this website. It is our prayer and hope that this site will be of benefit to you.
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What to Expect on a Given Sunday

We are a loving congregation comprised of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Though we are diverse, yet we are united in and through Christ who has graciously brought us together as a Church. Here is a brief description of what goes on during our Sunday worship service.
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Latest Sermons

In this passage, Jesus accused the false leaders of being guilty in 4 ways. And in contrast, he called all his followers to be marked by 3 attitudes.
For many wealth is their security but there is greater security in belonging to Christ.
Jesus makes it clear to the religious leaders and the crowds that he was not just a mere man, but also the Lord over all things.

The Dead Church

May 29, 2022
Jesus writes to the church at Sardis - a church that looks alive from the world’s perspective but is dead in God’s eyes - a severe warning to each of…
When we view people as God views them, we will be able to love them as the Lord commands us to love.
Without restraint, our mouths too often spill out harmful words.
4 questions and answers to help us come to grips with the Lord Jesus’s command in verse 37: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all…
4 questions and answers to help us come to grips with the Lord Jesus’s command in verse 37: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all…
Jesus not only teaches the reality of resurrection, but also gives us a glimpse of the future eternal state of all people. His words should not only bring great comfort…

Easter Promises

April 17, 2022
Three promises that God has made by raising Christ from the dead.
Good Friday Service When believers remember their hopeless condition before coming to Christ and how his shed blood brings about great blessings, they will not only increase in their love…
Paying taxes is not a pleasant subject for people in general, including many Christians. But, we need to ask, “What does the Lord say about this subject?” This sermon deals…
This parable calls for 3 responses: We must: Come to Jesus with an attitude of total submission or face eternal judgment. We must: Go and invite others to come to…
A look at our own heart and the authority structures that promote injustice.
Jesus warns the religious leaders of his day and those who follow in their footsteps about the certainty of the coming judgment. But he also teaches how to escape that…

What is the Gospel?

Verse of the Day

Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

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