April 30, 2023

I Have Sinned: Sign of False Or True Repentance – Part 1

Passage: Various Scriptures

The Bible reveals that the words “I have sinned” can be spoken by those who have not truly repented of their sins [e.g., Judas] and, as a result, do not have true saving faith but are also spoken who have, by the grace of God, genuinely repented of their sins and as a result possess true saving faith. So, how can you and I know our repentance is genuine?

Knowing where we spiritually stand is the most crucial issue that requires prayerful and careful reflection. This mini-series attempts to contrast the characteristics of true vs. false repentance. That way, each of us will understand if our faith is a genuine faith that will lead us to eternal joy or if our faith is a false faith that will lead us to eternal destruction.

In this first part, we will not only see 6 examples of those who said, “I have sinned” and ended up in eternal destruction, but we will also see the first 5 of 10 characteristics of false repentance.