September 17, 2023 | Sermon | Proverbs 21:2-8

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September 17, 2023
We look at 4 ways in which we fool ourselves about our personal moral intuitions, even when others are hurt by the them.

The Burial of Jesus

September 10, 2023
We can learn 3 truths from the burial of our Lord Jesus.  It fulfilled yet another Old Testament prophecy showing God was sovereign even over the burial of his Son.…
Amid great darkness surrounding the Lord Jesus's death, we see 3 bright and glorious events that bring great comfort and a severe warning.
Of the 7 last sayings of the Lord Jesus from the cross, his heart-piercing and soul-wrenching cry, “My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?” reminds us of him…
The suffering our Lord endured on the cross calls for 3 responses: (1) Love the cross (2) Live the cross and (3) Proclaim the cross
Jesus stood firm because his good confession before Pontius Pilate that he was the Messiah led to his crucifixion. His example should motivate us to give our all to him…

A Wise King

August 6, 2023
In a world where power seems to corrupt so often and so many, what does just and righteous leadership look like?
A sovereign God uses even the evil acts of people to accomplish his saving work. This truth should comfort us in 3 ways when we face rejection and suffering at…
The tragic ending of Judas’s life warns us of 2 serious dangers.
Consider with me four area of life where shortcuts do not promote an upright life.
When all hope seems to be lost, we can press on with renewed hope by turning our hearts to focus on God’s perfections (attributes).
In times of prolonged trials, instead of getting disappointed or even angry with God or falling into depression, we can patiently wait on him to bring deliverance by remembering this…
In this message we look at God’s perspective on integrity in financial matters.
In the concluding part of this series on repentance, the focus is on how to pray when we have sinned.
A look at False Teachers, their character traits, how they operate, what motivates them and how to deal with them.