Sunday Service

Time: 10:30 AM
Location: 318 McEwan Avenue, Windsor, ON, N9B 2E6
Phone: 519-919-2063

About Us

Grace Bible Church exists to help people love God and love others by bringing the good news concerning Jesus Christ. We believe the truths taught in the Bible are relevant and authoritative for all generations. We also believe that Scriptures when rightly interpreted and applied is sufficient for all issues concerning this present life and the life to come. Please feel free to explore this website. It is our prayer and hope that this site will be of benefit to you.
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What to Expect on a Given Sunday

We are a loving congregation comprised of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Though we are diverse, yet we are united in and through Christ who has graciously brought us together as a Church. Here is a brief description of what goes on during our Sunday worship service.
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Latest Sermons

Repent – The First And Last Words Of Jesus – Part 1

October 14, 2018

Bible Text: Matthew 3:1-2 |


4 Different Responses to The Birth of The Promised King Jesus

October 7, 2018

Bible Text: Matthew 2:1-23 |


The Rewards of Wisdom

September 30, 2018

Bible Text: Proverbs 3:1-35 |


The Virgin Birth And Its Implications

September 28, 2018

Bible Text: Matthew 1:18-25 |


Jesus The Saviour Who Breaks Down All Barriers

September 16, 2018

Bible Text: Matthew 1:2-17 |


The Promise Keeping God

September 9, 2018

Bible Text: Matthew 1:1 |


How To Glorify God In The Workplace

September 2, 2018

Bible Text: Various Scriptures |

Overview of 2 John

August 26, 2018

Bible Text: 2 John |

Pursuit of Wisdom

August 19, 2018

Bible Text: Proverbs 2:1-22 |


Hell: 4 Realities and 4 Implications

August 12, 2018

Bible Text: Various Scriptures |

Praising God For Such A Great Salvation

August 5, 2018

Bible Text: Romans 16:25-27 |


How To Deal With Troublemakers

July 29, 2018

Bible Text: Romans 16:17-20 |


Listen to Wisdom’s Rebuke and Live!

July 22, 2018

Bible Text: Proverbs 1:20-33 |


What Does A List Of Names Teach Us?

July 15, 2018

Bible Text: Romans 16:1-16, 21-23 |


What is the Gospel?

Verse of the Day

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

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